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FJGIRLS' 1st Single - "Follow Me"

FJDC作品 Follow Me Artists: FJGIRLS Lorraine Lo, Lenna Tong, Nicole Chong Choreographers: Kenny Ng, Lenna Tong, Lorraine Lo, Nicole Chong Music by Dipsy Ha Lyrics by Lorraine Lo, Lenna Tong, Thomas Kwok Video produced by FJ Entertainment Friends Junction Entertainment

全民造星 IV - Ariel

FJDC作品「末季」,由FJDC 培訓學員 袁樂心 作詞,主唱 Produced by Friends Junction Dance Company & Teriver Cheung Composed & arranged by Teriver Cheung, Lyrics by Emily Yuen, Recorded by Tomii Chan & CM, Mixed & mastered by Wena Ho, Video recorded by Mandy Hui & Kenny Ng

"Blush - Make You Blush" (pan-asia girl group) dance choreography by Winnie Man

Live Performance by FJDC Trainee

FJDC Trainees


FJDC 提供以下排舞及表演活動:

  • Artist Dance Training
  • Music Videos
  • TV Commercials
  • 公司周年晚會
  • 嘉年華
  • 婚宴
  • 學校巡迴表演
  • 新年及聖誕派對
  • 慈善活動
  • 運動產品、汽車、電單車的推廣活動、產品發佈
  • 電影
  • 電視節目
  • 新店開張
  • 私人派對
  • and others

查詢及預約: 36428340 / 98343724 (Kenny)

Dance Performances and Entertainment

Friends Junction Dance Company is committed to providing professional dance talent in diverse styles of dancing, with an emphasis on Street Styles. Our extensive network of passionate and energetic dance teachers, performers and choreographers allows us to cater for the following dance styles: Jazz, Jazz Funk, Hip Hop, Breaking, Popping, Kick-boxing, Ballroom Dancing, Chinese Dance, Cheerleading, Pole Dance and more.

Our young, friendly, professional and energetic dancers are experienced in the entertainment industry. We can advise you on how to make use of our dance entertainment to create an exciting, successful and enjoyable event.
Our dance entertainment can assist you to create a successful event no matter in terms of stage shows, annual performance, parades or even a dance workshop.
Enquiry and Booking:
Call us: 36428340/98343724
or email
with your enquiry and details of your event.

Co-operation enquiry 表演查詢報價
Name 姓名︰
Contact No. 聯絡電話:
Email 電郵︰
Details of classes :
詳情: (日期/舞種 / 時間)

Corperation Partners

We provide dance performances, workshops and discount to Schools and dance clubs including 廠商會中學, 金文泰中學, 保良局莊啟程預科書院,新界西貢坑口區鄭植之中學, 獅子會中學,梁文燕紀念中學(沙田),啓思中學, St. Hilary's Kindegarten, Joystem Kindergarten.

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